Mighty Micro Offers

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Mighty Micro Offers is a mini-course that is designed to help you create a micro offer that you can start selling online quickly (even if you have no idea right now what that could be).

In it, you’ll get:

My Mighty Micro Offers mini-course, to share with you everything you’ll need to get your micro offer created and how to sell it.

My Bootstrap Offers workbook, that will help you brainstorm and narrow down your potential offers, to decide on what offer would be best for you to sell.

My Awesome Offers spreadsheet gives you 50 ideas of different types of offers you could create, for any type of business.

And my Micro Offers worksheet will help you map out the content of your micro offer, in a way that will have your ideal customers primed and ready to buy from you!

Comes with a video training, 1 workbook, 1 worksheet, and my Awesome Ideas spreadsheet with 50 micro offer ideas. (Available December 5, 2020.)

**The first 10 people will also get immediate access to the private Facebook group where they can ask questions and get help with their offer creation process for 1 whole month (priceless!)**