Bootstrap Business Bootcamp

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If you want to start a business selling anything online, this is the workshop for you! 💪🏼

Join me in this intimate & interactive LIVE workshop where I will help you:

🎁 Figure out what product or service you can sell online- and for what price!

🖼️ Figure out your branding

📈 Develop a plan to consistently grow your own audience on social media (so you’re not posting in the void of somebody else’s Facebook group, hearing crickets 🦗)

🧲 Learn lead generation strategies that will draw the right people to you, and get them to BUY

👩🏼‍💻 Identify what assets you need to create to promote your offer & take online payments

🗺️ Map out your social media content for the year (yes, the year)

🗓️ Schedule out your promotions in advance, to save you HOURS of time every week

💰 Create customized content with the right CTAs that will grab your ideal prospects attention and compel them to BUY

And more!

✨✨✨ In addition to this LIVE workshop, you’ll get supplementary materials to help you with your planning, such as my Simple Marketing & Simple Business Plan & Budget templates.

📲 📲 📲 AND, you’ll get access to my Social Media Success Kit + Workshop ➡️ 3+ hrs of 🔥 social media training!

My Social Media Success Kit, includes 1 full year of customizable social media post prompts & templates. 😍😍😍

Everyone will get feedback & suggestions specific to their own business ideas in this workshop, and you’ll be able to ask questions throughout the workshop too. 🙌🏼

It’s all going down Monday, February 6 @ 10 am EST, BUT…

Best of all…You’ll receive lifetime access to the workshop videos, in case you can’t make it LIVE…and so you can refer to them anytime.