5 Tips to Creating a Successful Online Course

Here are some key strategies to creating a successful online course. These are not comprehensive, there are of course many strategies that go into creating a killer course, but these are some that I think are critical, including some that sometimes get overlooked.

5 Tips to create a successful course:

1. Know your target market inside out. To create a successful course, you need to make sure you know your target market inside out…you need to know *exactly* who you’re speaking to so you can create your content accordingly. Are they beginners? Or are they more advanced and starting from the same place? Would they learn better with mostly written content, or video? These are just some of the questions you need to be asking yourself to make sure your content resonates with your students, and so they can absorb as much of your content as possible.

2. Create a content outline. It’s very important, as with anything else, to plan ahead. Creating a content outline to work from is super helpful because it keeps you on track, and ensures the right amount of content is conveyed in the right sequence, and that you cover everything that you intended to cover in your course.

3. Incorporate elements to boost your completion rate. This is one that people commonly miss, but one that is super important to the success of your course. There are many different elements you can incorporate into your course to keep students incentivized to complete it. Elements such as including a community for group interaction, or including some 1:1 time with you are just two such examples of additional elements that will keep students more engaged and interested, and make sure they do the work required from the course.

4. Get feedback from your students. This is something that a lot of course creators tend to overlook. We are always learning and growing, and improving our products/digital products (or at least, we should be!). So, getting feedback from your students, both throughout each milestone in your course as well as at the end of your course, is critical to be able to revise and improve your course before launching it again the next time. And improving your course leads to getting your next students even better results, which leads to getting more testimonials and raving fans, which leads to getting even more students at your next launch, and so on. This ends up being a win-win for both you and your students!

5. Celebrate wins (no matter how small!). Celebrating your student’s wins generated by your course or program is a great way to keep them engaged and connected with you, and with your course community. People love acknowledgement, so this is a great motivator to help them keep going, and to make them appreciate you and your course. It will also leave them with even more positive feelings about the experience they had working with you, and that is always a good thing!

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